Behind The Commercial

Behind The Commercial

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Behind the Hero is back!  And Joshua is making a commercial to let everybody know.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my other webcomic at









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Written By: Searnold
Art By: Adrian9

We tell ourselves all kinds of things when trying to kick a bad habit.  But some things are easier to quit than others.




Written By: Searnold
Art By: J.C. Grande

Dawn Kaplan has dreamed of her perfect prom since she was five years old.  She’s had the entire evening planned since she was ten.  So how will she react when things start to go wrong?


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Searnold has wanted to be a writer since he was in elementary school, where he would spend his recesses coming up with stories instead of playing with other children. He studied philosophy at UC Davis and then got a Master’s in Writing from CSULA. His first professional break came in 2010 when he sold a short prose story called “Tabula Rasa” to Fox’s Neopulp website (which, sadly, no longer exists.) Since then, Searnold has written for a wide variety of mediums, including theatre (“A Fairly Obvious Parallel”), webseries (“Teacher’s Lounge”), movies (“Don’t Fall Asleep”), and his most favoritest: comic books (“Behind the Hero”, “Lately Something’s Changed”). Currently, Searnold resides in a cabin in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, serves as personal assistant to comics legend Scott Lobdell, and writes comics for You can e-mail Searnold at

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