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Jason C


Wherever he goes, whatever he’s doing, Jason is a fan of great stories. Whether he’s exploring other people’s worlds, creating his own, or helping others flesh out their own stories, he feels most at home when he’s exploring the realms of imagination. While Jason loves many different forms of storytelling, he has a passion for the visual and verbal haikus that people call comic books. Because of his passion for comics, Jason is a vigilant learner and member of Comics Experience, a comics education school run by Andy Schmidt, a former editor for Marvel and IDW.

Engaging in the Comics Experience community, Jason provides feedbacks and critiques for scripts and artwork uploadED by other members. Believing that all art benefits from critique, he also offers his own work to the community so that he can better understand his own shortcomings as a writer.  At Comics Experience Jason has completed a Project Management and Editing course taught by Nicole Boose, who is a current editor for Mark Millar. Jason is currently taking a comics writing course so that he can further improve his understanding of the fundamentals of comic book creation.  Jason is also currently managing the Comics Experience Round Robin, a collaborative comic book project envisioned by the Comics Experience community.

Outside of Comics Experience, Jason has created and organized the Milwaukee Comic Book Writers and Artists Meetup Group, which meets monthly in the Milwaukee area in order to talk about individual projects, offer critiques, and collaborate on projects together. With the efforts of other creators, Jason hopes to build a stronger comic book presence in the Milwaukee area by helping to bring artists and writers together.


Artist on T&A

Patrick has been working in comics for going on two years, with publications in short anthologies such as this one, The Vast Expanse #2, Tales from Orbit #1, and The Chronicles of Terror #1.  He also has an ongoing series being kickstarted and published through WP Comics coming August 2016, “Crystal’s Odyssey.”  He graduated from Oregon State University and has been scrambling around trying to pay back student loans ever since!  Patrick lives and works in Corvallis, OR.  If you’d like to learn more about Patrick or get in touch, you can see some more of his previous work on his website, here: 



Artist on 50xO.J.

CGhirardo sees comics as an art-form and looks to experiment with the medium to push its boundaries. A graduate of the Joe Kubert Scholl of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc., he combines sequential storytelling with contemporary fine art to create stories that are a combination of slice of life, surrealism, and humor. Besides contributing to anthologies and publishing his own work, Ghirardo has also exhibited his paintings in various group and solo exhibitions.



Artist on VICES

M.R. Queitsch is a published author of critical essays and visual artist living and working in Cleveland, OH. Fear not, ye who abandon all trope.


     I am resolved to judiciously wreak upon the techne-solipsist remote terminal abandon squeeze through art and art-kind. If everything has a body double then nobody is alone. And if I have to abide with power hustling brute squad alienators then I’m going to make it all complicated and chewy. Look out! ‘Today‘ it’s all about gusto.

 That’s more like it.

Find more creatures with great gams and moxy here –

And I don’t know. Drop me a line. It’s nice to hear from people.



Artist on JANUARY 22ND, 2016

Hernan González is a comics author and editor. He works under his own independent label, Buen Gusto Ediciones, and he works independently as an illustrator, penciler and inker. His works have reached Spain and the United States. Recently, he released Bushido, his first graphic novel as an integral author.


Tim's Avatar



Tim “J” Campbell, aka Sonic J, is a 27 year old professional artist who lives on the beautiful west coast.  Tim’s drive for creativity had him dabbling in many artistic fields.  His passion for visual arts and story telling led him to earning his own ATA Digital Media Degree, studying not only the nature of traditional and digital art, but also in depth story writing and cinimagraphic imagery.
Tim self published three of his own children’s picture books before he dedicated his craft to the art of comic book story telling.  Once into the comic book field, Tim has landed work with FUS’s independent comic Sonic Sea3on and is also proud to be working with Searnold on his crazy story ventures.  He prefers to work in exciting cartoony styles with a sense of tangibleness and above all loves to bring out the inner dialogue of every character he draws.
Tim’s future goals are to either work for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics or one of Disney’s cartoon comics.  But he is also open to working with wherever he will fit and tell a dynamic story.



Maternal Instinct Thumbnail

Rodrigo Pucheta was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1991. He is a comic artist who got his start in 2014 in issue 8 of the digital magazine “Metropia Magazine.”  His method was mostly self-taught as a child, but he cannot ignore the artists who once helped him (“La Escuela de Junior” where he took drawing courses for a few months with Professor Fernando Leon Junior Gonzalez in 2014. Fernando Heinz guided Rodrigo to enter the world of comics, among others which Rodrigo will always appreciate).
His work on “Maternal Instinct” for “Completely Different Comics” is Pucheta’s first publication outside his country.  While continuing to constantly learn, because he knows there is still much room for improvement, in the middle of 2016, he plans to publish a project with a local writer and colorist from his city. This will be a work of about 24 pages published in print and will hopefully reach distribution in several parts of Argentina.
To see more of Rodrigo Pucheta’s art, you can visit his Deviantart or his Facebook Page.



Griffon Lyles


Stalkers Lurking Thumbnail

Griffon Lyles draws anatomically-incorrect figures shouting loudly.  He currently resides in the veil between the dimensions of reality and fiction.  See more of his work on his DeviantArt.

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